• Paul Weiss, PT, Dip. MDT

A Safer Appointment

As winter approaches, COVID-19 cases are climbing and many people are starting to think about cutting back on in-person services. Healthcare providers are working to find ways to take care of people who need them but who want to stay as isolated as possible.

At Cedar Hill Physical Therapy, we have three options for a safer appointment experience: one-on-one in-clinic, telehealth, and house calls.

CHPT continues to meet the needs of patients by offering one-on-one, in-clinic visits with no waiting, no patient overlap, and increased sanitation protocol in-between patients.

For patients who do not feel comfortable visiting a healthcare office, CHPT offers telehealth services via internet. The McKenzie Method, which Paul specializes in, works very well in a virtual setting because of the patient’s active involvement inherent in the method. Instructions will be clear and simple helping you feel capable of interpreting your symptoms and safely responding.

For a few who may not feel comfortable coming into a clinic, yet have a more challenging presentation requiring a hands-on approach, CHPT offers house-calls. We’ve extended our “no charge house call” service area to include both Summerfield and Greensboro city limits and reduced rates for addresses outside these areas.

As always, our aim is to be as effective as possible in the least number of sessions. Treatment that you can perform for yourself five or six times a day is more likely to be effective in a shorter period of time than treatment administered by a clinician once or twice per week. The emphasis is on you, the patient, being actively involved.

Don’t put your health on hold. Contact us today to set-up a safer appointment.

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