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Ice, Ice, Baby

One common question patients ask me pertains to the use of heat or ice. Each has different effects, and their use can depend on which type of effect you are looking to achieve. Heat is an analgesic, meaning that it will block the perception of pain. A few years ago, products providing low level heating that can be worn for several hours during the day became popular. These products can be used while being active. They have been shown, in clinical studies, to provide some good benefit. Ice is an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory. While heat blocks the perception of pain, ice blocks all sensations. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the use of ice is recommended for the first few days

Easy Ways to Test and Improve Balance Part 1 of 2

As we age, our balance tends to decline. Falls among the elderly can have life changing consequences. Two of the best predictors as to whether someone will fall are: 1. A history of falling in the past year. 2. A fear of falling, particularly if it stops someone from doing their normal activities. There are many reasons why someone may have poor balance. One important reason to check is for medication side effects and interactions. A conversation with your pharmacist can prove helpful. There are a variety of medical conditions that can cause someone to be unsteady, including vertigo and various neurological disorders. Also, a history of injury to one’s leg or back can lead to balance trouble