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Shortly after we were married, I told my wife, Angie, that when I retired I wanted a room in our home where I could continue my work as a physical therapist. I love what I do! By working from my home, I could allow a full hour for each person and work with them one-on-one. I could offer flexible appointment times for people with busy schedules. It would be a quiet and relaxing experience for people. Previous patients had expressed that these things were important to them.


At that time, I was managing the Spine Physical Therapy department for a large orthopaedic group. The environment did not meet the above-specified needs of patients. I came home after one particularly stressful day and Angie asked me why I was going to wait to do things the way that I wanted and the way patients wanted. I didn’t have an answer. I knew that having the freedom to do my work in the way I know is best would allow me to take better care of myself and the people with whom I work.


At that time, Angie and I looked into all the factors we would face with opening our practice. Was it permissible for us to operate a clinic in our home? This would keep overhead low reducing the need for seeing multiple patients at a time. As it turns out, Guilford County has a “home based occupation clause” which allows residents to use 25% of their home for certain types of businesses. Among the examples of permitted uses included a doctor’s office or a dentist’s office.

We measured off the part of our house we planned to use, and it met that requirement. We use one room for Angie’s office, another for my examination room, and a third for our gym. The guest bathroom is also adjacent.


We looked at insurance contracts and found that we would be able to participate in most major plans, including Medicare. We also found an electronic medical records (EMR) system we thought would work, and a billing company to help us with filing insurance claims.


I made a list of items I wanted to have in my clinic and we had enough space for what I needed and we were in the fortunate position to be able to purchase/finance these things.


We saw no reason that we could not go ahead with our plans. So, in 2009 we opened our doors. Since then, we have had the opportunity to help many people in our quiet, relaxed atmosphere, and we look forward to many additional years of serving people in our community and beyond.



Hi, I'm Paul.




Our Three-Point
Care Philosophy


Personalized Care

You’re unique and so are your health needs.  I'll work with you to design a personalised treatment program based on our innovative assessment process. I work with only one patient at a time and deliver all treatments personally, allowing an hour or more for each appointment.

Comfort & Flexibility

Appointment times are offered throughout the day, evening and on weekends. It's comfortable, private and there's no waiting necessary. The clinic has a peaceful, rural atmosphere in a convenient Northwest Guilford County location. 


I'm the only therapist in Greensboro to have earned the advanced diploma from the McKenzie Institute. I'm also the area's leading expert on Stabilization Training in the rehabilitation of low back pain. I enthusiastically share my expertise through public speaking, professional workshops, consulting and mentoring.


“It is quiet, calm and uninterrupted when you are being treated. Paul never seems to be in a hurry. He explains the exercises and demonstrates them until I can understand how to use them on my own in-between visits.” 

Sandra F.

Burlington, NC

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